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Occupy Powell Street

Black Friday, 2011



Candy Acid Occupy Powell Street BART

Powell Street BART Station

The second BART Residency happened at Powell Street BART station on Black Friday in 2011.  Occupy SF and Occupy Oakland were there, too, so Candy Acid pulled out their Slavoj Zizek speech samples.

Occupy Powell Street

BART Residency

BART Residency, 2011


Experiments in Acoustic Ecology

Bay Area BART Stations

Spring Break 2011 saw the premiere BART Residency in which Candy Acid conducted experiments in acoustic ecology and ambient improvisation. Though many thought they were just busking.

Powell St Nirvana

Signal Flow, 2011

After Sundown I: Synaesthesia

Mills College, Oakland, CA

Candy Acid participated in a live installation, along with a bowed piano ensemble, a bowed percussion soloist and film, which opened the Mills College Signal Flow Festival in March, 2011.

Audio Coming Soon

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